Friday, May 8, 2015

Life without Smartphones: Is that that bad?

Life without Smartphones: Is that that bad?

Today, I came across an article in ‘The Hindu’ which is basically an opinion of 4 of the undergraduate students in Tamilnadu, India1. The issue was whether suppressing the usage of smartphones is fine or not? Interestingly, all the 4 students were against such suppression though one indicated he is going to restrict his ‘addiction’ to smartphone usage.

What’s wrong?

  • ·         The article talks about a survey. What is the survey and how can we access it? No reference is provided for the survey, which is not an ethical practice? Without data for independent verification, how can we trust this article
  • ·     Only four sample responses are provided. And all seems to be in favor of smartphone usage. None of them are rational, only ‘likes’. What are opponents’ responses? Why they are not provided?
  • ·        How are these four samples selected? What are the criteria? Is this ‘Cherry-picking’?
  • ·         Why only Tamil Nadu? What about other states?

If all the above questions are answered, we could take this article seriously. However, in their absence, this article seems more of a PR exercise to manipulate Youths’ sentiments against institutions restricting the usage of smartphones2, 3. I’m really surprised that Mr. Modi’s Govt. which has issues with environmental NGO protesting their potentially destructive plans is least concerned about the manipulation of youths’ mentality by news media. Apparently, Mr. Modi would only take cognizant of his opponents and not his corporate-supporters!

 Having said this, the following is my take on Smartphones
Pros of Smartphones
Cons of Smartphones
Easy collection of information, on job search, finding products, comparing prices, etc.
Easy information on Porns! Sex scandals, movies, etc. (Most searched information on the internet is the ‘PORN’4)
Organize work, meetings, navigation and to do lists
Risk of equipment failure, misinterpretation of information, disturbance to work (constant connectivity), getting lost
Could provide an opportunity to learn App development to make some bucks or boast your skills to potential employers
Input cost for the equipment and the services is better invested in a stock market. (Cost of 1 iPhone is ~Rs. 50K, cost of Infosys’ share is ~Rs.2000)
Connected… always
Connected… so could be tracked!
Imagine if a stalker is tracking you
Loads of apps – to improve productivity
Loads of apps – many of which could be Trojans or spywares, trying to manipulate people opinion2,3 or disrupt development

Possibility of identity theft or loss of personal information

In short, it not the smartphones that is a problem but how it is used. If institutions enforce restrictions so that students’ education doesn't suffer, they are better judge of it, unless and until one can come up with rational argument against it.

What do you have to say?!


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  1. I would like to say that smartphones also spoil the grades of students:


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